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Our Team


Ben Tally

Ben Tally R.Ph.

Pharmacist / Owner

My name is Ben Tally and I was born and raised in Mounds, Illinois. After high school I attended Memphis State University for my undergrad and then transferred to the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy in Memphis. While attending pharmacy school I was on the Deans List, RHO CHI Honor Society, and was student body president. After graduating I decided to continue my education and enrolled in graduate school. Upon completing my first year of graduate school I realized that working in a laboratory all day wasn’t for me and that I wanted to work with my patients face to face and be able to help them directly. I then started working for Super D Drugs in Memphis and began my career as a retail pharmacist. My wife and I moved to Cape Girardeau on Mother’s Day weekend in 1973 and have been here ever since. Working for Super D was a wonderful experience but I knew that if I had my own pharmacy that I could better serve my patients and this community. The summer of 1989 my wife and I decided to live out our dream and opened up Medicap Pharmacy (recently renamed Heartland Family Pharmacy) in Cape Girardeau. We have now been a family owned independent pharmacy for 30+ years providing quality care and the attention that our customers deserve. I love working at Heartland Family Pharmacy and will forever cherish my experiences and memories made while working at the pharmacy.   

My name is Loretta Lents. I was born and raised in Scott City, Missouri. After high school, I attended St. Louis College of Pharmacy and graduated with my Doctor of Pharmacy in 2009. I moved back to the area where I met my Husband, Bob. We now reside in Jackson with our two sons Ethan and Charlie.

My work experience started in hospital pharmacy but I found I desired more direct patient contact. In 2009 I began working for a chain retail pharmacy (Kmart) which I found rewarding, but still wanted more freedom to help patients and their specific needs. While working for Kmart I also worked part-time for Heartland Family Pharmacy in Cape Girardeau. After working at Heartland Family Pharmacy I knew that Independent pharmacy was where I was meant to be. There’s just an additional level of care that is provided at a pharmacy that is owned and operated by someone who lives in the community and truly cares about their customers. The summer of 2016 I began working full-time at Heartland Family Pharmacy. I am very happy in my new role at Heartland Family Pharmacy where I have opportunities to learn about the people and patients I am striving to help. I work alongside an experienced friendly staff who are always ready to help our patients in the community.  I feel very blessed to be a part of the Heartland Family Pharmacy team and to have opportunities to serve the patients in our community. 

Loretta Lents

Loretta Lents Pharm. D.

Pharmacist-In-Charge/Immunizing Pharmacist